Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Sweet Caroline"

So I am getting caught up on American Idol this morning, I had class last night. Let me first state that I am no Neil Diamond fan, so much so that I wasn't sure that we should name Caroline, Caroline, because I didn't want folks coming up to her and saying "Sweet Caroline, bum, bum, bum". It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

This week the Idols were singing Neil Diamond songs and David Archuleta sang "Sweet Caroline". I was nervous when he started, thinking "O'Lordy, this could be tragic". But he pulled it out Dog! I loved his version!! It wasn't cheesy (like Neil Diamond's version) and it really sounded nice.

While I am giving my American Idol opinions, can I just say...Paula, seriously, please! When it was time to give her comments to the contestants after round one, she had no idea who sang what or even who she was talking about. Are you kidding me!!! Get with the program Lady!!

My other opinion, David Cooke ROCKS!!! He is light years ahead of the other contestants. Amazing.

That's it, there you have it, my thoughts on Idol. Oh, yes and David Archuleta's version of "Sweet Caroline". Good Job!


Mama G said...

Yes, David Archuleta did a great job...but David Cook is by far my favorite, I hope he wins! And Paula needs be kicked off the show, what is she smoking?!?!

Mama G said...

Oh, how was your photography class?