Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photography Class

So, I told you that I was taking a photography class and my first class meeting was last Tuesday. I told you that I would tell you more but then never did, well, here you have it.

The instructor is very knowledgeable in photography and I am very excited to learn from her. There are several students in the class with many different interests in photography (nature, portrait, etc). I am sure that I will learn so very much from the instructor as well as the other students.

Last week the topic was color theory. It was a very interesting lecture discussing the color wheel, complementary colors, etc. But I already knew all of the information. When I was in college (elementary education focusing on science) I took an entire semester class on color theory. So after 18 weeks of color, I know it. It has been beat into my brain. So I didn't really learn anything new. But I am still hopeful that I am going to be learning more than I even expect to.

For this weeks assignment we had to take four photos with composition in mind, using the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds, the short version, imagine a tic tac toe grid in your camera's viewfinder while taking a picture and placing your subject on an area where the lines intersect. So I have been working on that. I will let you know how this week goes, class is tonight.

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