Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring, Are you there?

Yesterday it was a super nice day. My Aunt Cindy (My Mom's sister) came up to spend the afternoon with us. She brought lunch and we decided to go to the park so that the kids could get out some energy. Will enjoyed the swings, I think that his mouth was open the entire time we were there. I think that he was trying to eat the wind! Will also thought that it was fun to climb up the slide. He could get up on the end of the slide and turn around and sit down, then want us all to clap for him! Ham bone!

Caroline met up with a friend from school. The two of them played the whole time that we were there. They had a great time together. Notice Caroline's hair bow? I made it! My friend Laura taught me how to make them the other day and I have been having fun creating new bows for the princess!

After the park we stopped at Bobby's for frozen custard, yum-o! They just recently opened for the season so this was our first visit this year. That is Caroline doing a "happy dance" for ice cream!
We had a great day and the kids both slept good. Thanks Aunt Cindy for a fun afternoon!

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Jessica said...

He is a ham bone!!! I love it.
Good job on the hair bow!!!