Sunday, March 16, 2008

On the Road Again!

Josh got word that he would have to be traveling to Bloomington, Indiana for work on Monday and Tuesday. As some of you know, that is where we used to live (where Caroline was born) so the kids and I decided to tag along and visit some old friends. We arrived in Bloomington on Sunday afternoon and we went to our good friends and old neighbors house, Barbara and Jim. If you remember, Caroline likes to play with Jim (Jose Jim). The kids were very excited to see them and so were Josh and I. It have been over a year since we had seen them and it was very nice to be able to visit and catch up.

Barbara and I used to work together and we also used to live just a few blocks away from each other. So when we would go on walks in the evening we would often stop and visit with them when they were out on their deck. We would also see them every weekend in church. Barbara and Jim are great friends and we were very sad to have to leave them when we moved to Illinois.

Of course, Will was crying in the picture (the only time that he cried while we were there!).

Thank you Barbara and Jim for your hospitality. I hope that we are able to visit again soon!

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