Monday, February 4, 2008

GI today

Today we had an appointment with Will's GI doctor, Dr. Brady. This is the first time that we have seen Dr. Brady in six months. Dr. Brady decided that it is time that we can change Will from infant formula to a toddler formula. We have started Will on Pedisure. Dr. Brady is also going to write a letter of medical nessecity so that our insurance will pay for the pedisure. This makes us very happy! Let me tell you, I am so over bottles. I have decided to wheen Will off of the bottle and switch him over to sippy cups. I know that this process will be longer than most but I really want to be done with bottles.

We have started switching Will over to pedisure slowly to make sure that he can tolerate it. We are giving him half formula and half pedisure. He seems to be doing really well with it and he likes the taste. He has drank two full bottles today, we didn't have to tube him any of this afternoon feeds. That is awesome!

When we think that Will is tolerating the pedisure we are going to completely stop the infant formula. Once we do that we are going to start puting stage 1 baby food in his tube. We are hoping that this will help with some of his constipation issues too. The doctor thinks that the thicker Will's feeds are the better for his reflux. Thicker liquids tend to stay down better so putting the baby food in with the pedisure the better.

Dr. Brady also changed Will's mic-key button because the plastic piece that plugs the hole on the old one was torn. She also treated his granulated tissue around the button with silver nitrate.

It was a very productive visit today. I felt like we got a lot accomplished.

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Cindy said...

Hey, much better visit than the ENT, right? That's great that Will is transitioning. RE: reflux...we put baby oatmeal in Natalie's formula (by tube) and had SIGNIFICANT decrease in reflux with that. We put in 1 T of oatmeal per 1-2 ounces of formula. Once she was eating by mouth, the thicker foods didn't really come up.