Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Boy and His Cow

This is Mr. Cow.

He is Will's favorite thing in the whole wide world. Cow was given to him during his hospital stay when he had his tethered spinal cord release surgery in November of 2006. Since then Mr. Cow has been with William every night.

Will loves on Cow, he will roll around on the floor with Cow, bits Cow's nose, rubs Cow's ears, pulls Cow's tail and probably many more things.

When it is time for Will to take a nap or to go to bed Josh or I will say, "Are you ready to go get Mr.?" and Will will start giggling and laughing and that is when we know he is ready for bed.

When we ask Will, "Where is Mr.?" He will crawl around the living room looking for Mr. Cow and when he finds him will roll around on the floor and eat Cow's nose.

Cow has been thrown up on more times then I can remember. Cow has to have a bath regularly and usually is a nice grey color before bath and then a clean white after. Cow goes with us every where, to church, to the grocery store, to ALL doctor appointments and anywhere else we venture to go.

I think that it is so cute to see the bond that Will has created with this sometimes stinky stuffed animal. William LOVES Mr. Cow.

Will loving on Mr. Cow.

Will kissing Mr. Cow.

And this is usually how Will carries Mr. Cow around, in his mouth!


Jessica said...

He is so adorable!

Mama G said...

That is so cute! Charlie has a blankie that he carries around in his mouth....isn't nice to have something that soothes them?