Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lilo's Amazing Memory...

Lilo (aka Caroline) has an amazing memory. She can remember things that I have long forgotten (I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night!). Here are some things from the last few days...

I had to get gas the other day. When I got back in the van she asked if I had got her a treat. When we lived in Indiana and her and I would be driving back by ourselves (a four hour drive) I would stop and get gas and buy her a little "treat". The treat could be cookies, goldfish, candy, anything that would keep her happy for awhile on the road.

Okay, here is the kicker. In March we will have lived in Illinois for 2 years! Caroline was 2 years old when I did this! I think that is amazing.

A few days ago she said to me "Mom do you remember the last time we went to Jose Jim and Barbara's house and we played hide and seek." Okay, Jose Jim (he would always jokingly say "No way Jose" to her, hense: Jose Jim) and Barbara where our neighbors in Indiana. The time that she is talking about is when Jim and Barbara watched Caroline for us while Josh and I went and closed on our house. She even told me where Jim was hiding and that it was a really good place because she couldn't find him. She was 2, this all happened 2 and half years ago. Amazing.

And she is always remembering specific playdates with her dear friend Walter. Caroline and Walter share the same birthday and they lived four houses down from us in Indiana. Caroline and Walter grew up (for 2 years) together. She can remember toys that he has, games that they played and lots of other things. She often says to me "Mom do you remember when Walter and I...".

I can't believe some of the stuff that she says. She is completely amazing.


Mama G said...

WOW! That sounds so much like my Gracie. We were at a friends house in WA in December and the mom had Gracie hide a toy away from the babies...well she must have hidden it really well. My friend called me a few days ago and asked if we had accidently taken it home. I asked Gracie and she told me, "no mom I hid it in the very back of Emma's closet underneath her baby bed." Amazing.
Maybe when we have kids we pass our memory onto them...cuz i'm like you, i can't remember what i did yesterday! :)

Cindy said...

Aren't kids incredible? Lukas still talks about the cat we had, that we had to find a new home for before he turned 2. He talks about all the places she hid, and the hole she tore in Daddy's shirt. Makes me think about what I say, because he's likely to remember (and repeat...don't even get me started about that! no secrets in our house!)