Monday, February 11, 2008


We are all trying to adjust to life without Madi today. I missed stepping over him in the morning when getting out of bed. He slept on my side of the bed on the floor many nights. He always slept on his back with his legs up in the air, it was kind of funny to see but he slept like a human! Will missed him this morning when we were coming downstairs. Will thought it was hilirarious to watch Madi come down the steps. Will would laugh out loud when Madi would follow us down the steps. Caroline missed Madi when she didn't have to let him outside this morning. She got used to letting him outside when we got up in the morning.

I can hear the neighbor's dogs outside barking, it brings tears to my eyes.

Josh told Caroline last night that Madi went to "Doggy Heaven". Caroline took it very well. She told Josh that she was right. Josh asked what she meant and she said that she knew that Madi would not be coming home because he was so sick. He told me that and I wept, still weaping. When I was leaving to take Madi to the ER she wanted to go out to the car and tell him good-bye. She petted him and said her good-byes.

We have not had much luck when it comes to having family pets. Before Caroline was born, Josh and I got a dog named Molly, a shih-tzu. She had many health problems in her short life. She passed away this past March, on St. Patrick's Day. Josh didn't want to get another dog but agreed to let me take in Madi (I think to help heal my heart and to make me happy). Madi was my parent's dog. They were going to give him away because their hearts were still healing from the loss of our beloved family dog Sheba. They felt that they were not offering all that they could to Madi so they decided to let us take Madi in. So even though we only had Madi for six months, he has been in my family for several years.

Madi was in perfect health the day before last. I would have never thought that something like this would have happened. Madi loved to play fetch. We would throw a tennis ball and he would chase after it and bring it back and drop it at our feet, every time! He would play this game for hours if our throwing arm would last. Madi loved to sneak a nap on a pillow (remember he slept like a human!). He was very friendly and very gentle with the kids.

I am taking this harder than anyone. I would have never thought that I could get so attached to an animal, but Madi was a gentle soul and a wonderful friend. I miss him.

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Jessica said...

Im sorry to hear about Maddi, we havent had muck with our family pets either. Its hard to lose a pet, and there is something about a family dog.