Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eye Doctor Appointment

Yesterday Will had his annual opthomology appointment. He had to have his eyes dialated. Last year when they did the drops they put in drops then waited 5 minutes and put in another round. He was dialated for 4 days! This year I asked if we could only do the one set of drops and they agreed. Though he is still dialated today! Everything checked out fine and the doctor doesn't need to see him back for two years!! WooHoo!

I was also pleasently surprised that the eye doctor knew of RTS, he had even given a lecture on RTS during his residancy. This information put my mind at ease when I questioned not being checked next year. He told me that if Will had gluacoma (many RTSweeties do) then I would be able to see his eye actually buldge. So at least now I know what to look for.

Yesterday's appointment went well, we were only there for about an hour and a half. I wish we got more "see you in two years" reports!! ;-)


Michelle said...

Wow that sounds just like us! Austin's opthamologist has treated another patient w/ RTS as well. (Although he couldn't tell me a name) They dilated Austin's eyes at his last appointment and I thought his eyes would never go back! It took forever!

Jessica said...

Im with you on the every two years appointments.
Alex will have his eyes checked on March 11 with Dr. Davitt.