Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daddy and Me Night

Caroline and I (Josh) went to Daddy and Me Night at her school on Tuesday. Caroline was so excited about this night. She was almost giddy with excitement.

Caroline and I went to her classroom. She had to show me every detail. "This is where Cameron sits, Seth sits....This is where I hang my backpack"...etc. She was very proud.

She also colored a picture for me. It read...."I love my daddy because ". Of course, she loves me because "I make cinnamon rolls for her on the weekend." That was really cute. She does enjoy having me home on Saturday and Sunday mornings and really loves her cinnamon rolls. It is interesting to discover the little things that make impressions on her.

Next, we went to the chapel where the kids sang a variety of songs. Her favorite song was the "Little Bitty Fish" Song. One of the pictures show her growling during the "Dinosaur Song" and the other shows the kids wearing sunglasses during the "Cool ABCs".

Finally, we went down to eat ice cream. We had ice cream sundaes. Caroline put chocolate syrup and sprinkles on her sundae. She didn't really eat a lot of ice cream. She preferred to skim the syrup and sprinkles off the top.

Caroline and I had a great time. It was nice to spend a some time with Caroline (by ourselves).

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