Friday, February 15, 2008


Will had his appointment for the fitting of his smo's. Our appointment was with a company called Hanger. Brian, the person helping us today was so nice and patient with Will. Will had to sit still for about 10 minutes in order for the castings to set. The process to make these braces starts with taking a cast of his feet. They casted him as if he had broke his feet and had to have casts on them. It only took about 5 minutes per foot for the cast to harden, so it was a pretty quick process. Brian said that they should be ready in about 2 weeks.

The problem that I see us having now is finding shoes that will fit over the braces. Will has a very wide foot so with the braces I am sure that he will need a double or triple wide shoe. Where do you find those???


Michelle said...

I am having the same problem right now! We're taking Austin out shoe shopping tomorrow...not looking forward to searching and searching for that one pair of shoes that leaves room for his new ankle orthotics. I'll let you know if I find anything!

Laura Donjon said...

Stride Rite carries extra wide shoes in thier store brand and also in New Balance brand. We have to get Logan's shoes there becasue his foot measures OVER the EE line! If you dont have any luck at the Stride Rite in the mall, they have an independant store on Manchester Road in St. Louis (Laurie's Shoes) and they have a MUCH bigger selection there. A friend told us about that store and I have been taking Logan over there ever since. I have heard rumor that there is an independant New Balance store somewhere in St. Louis too that may be worth a try but I have never been there so I cant tell you anything about it. Good Luck, and if you want to the store on Manchester Rd. one day I would be happy to go with you! Logan could use some new shoes! LOL!