Friday, January 18, 2008

she said/she said

We have been waiting for the State of IL to approve the smo braces for Will's feet. The braces will help with the turning in of his ankles. We had the appointment with Orthopedics on Nov. 13th. I gave the prescription to Will's physical therapist the following week. That week was Thanksgiving so I knew that there would be a delay in the processing because of the holiday. Will's therapist had to write a letter along with other paperwork that had to be filed in order to get the braces. It was the beginning of December before the letter was sent to the person with early intervention who is in charge of getting the approval from the state.

So we have been waiting since November for these braces. I was wondering where we were at in the process so I called the lady at the early intervention office in charge and asked her what was going on and why it was taking so long. She told me that she didn't receive the paper work from the physical therapist until the beginning of JANUARY!!!! She told me that she was getting the pricing together today and it would be within the next thirty days that we would be hearing something from the state, whether they approved or denied the request for the braces.

I asked her if she had the date in which the therapist sent in the paper work and she said it was faxed to her on the 6th of January. I asked her if that was the day that the therapist maybe re-sent the paper work or was that the original request. She said that it was the original request. That would be one month later than when I was told it was sent.

I phoned the therapist and she seemed confused and not sure why I was told it wasn't sent until the 6th of January. So I am in a situation of she said/she said and I have no idea where to vent my anger! So now we are going to have to wait another thirty days for approval from the state then we have to wait to have them made, probably another thirty days. TWO more months! That is just ridiculous, I can't believe that we are having to wait this long for the braces. For pete's sake, can't a baby boy get some braces!!!

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