Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Today we said goodbye to the kid's pediatrician, Dr. Rahman. He is leaving his practice to move to Atlanta to be closer to his son's family and his granddaughter. We are going to miss Dr. Rahman so much. He was my "go to" person when Will would have an issue. He has really kept me strong during this past year with all of Will's medical issues.

I found Dr. Rahman in the phonebook. We had just moved here and I needed to find a pediatrician for the kids because I would soon be delivering William. He was the first name that I saw in the phonebook and they took our insurance so I just went with him. I really wasn't too concerned about having a pediatrician because Caroline had always been so healthy, the only reason why she would go to the doctor was for immunizations. Little did I know how frequently we would be visiting Dr. Rahman during Will's first year.

The first time that I met Dr. Rahman was while I was in the hospital after having Will and he came into my room to give me an update on Will. He was very nice and really reassured me that everything was going to be okay. At that point, we were all joking about how hairy Will was. Dr. Rahman said, "He is the hairiest child I have ever seen". At Will's one week check up at Dr. Rahman's office was we he decided to send us to a genetic specialist at Cardinal Glennon. That is when I had a complete meltdown in his office and he was so caring and so very nice.

There have been times that Dr. Rahman has called me himself to get a handle on what was going on with Will. He would call me on his way home from the office and then call me again in the morning on his way to work to check in. He is an awesome doctor, one that I am so very lucky to have found.

I took Will to see him today because he has caught a cold and sounded like he was wheezing. I wanted Dr. Rahman to take a listen to him and tell me for sure. He did hear some slight wheezing so we are going to do breathing treatments and put him on an antibiotic. I took the picture of all three of them after Dr. Rahman had finished with the exam. Will was not every excited about it as you can see, I should have taken the picture before the exam!

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Cindy said...

What a sweet man! You are so blessed to have had such a great doctor. I pray you find another great one to replace him.