Monday, January 28, 2008

Disappointing Visit

Today we had an appointment with and ENT at Cardinal Glennon. Josh and I wanted to see this type of doctor because there have been many other parents of RTSweeties that have suggested it when we explain some of the issues that Will seems to be having.

Let me set the mood for you....

Our appointment was at 8:30am. We arrive at appox. 8:25am. We get registered and sign the paper work by 8:30am and taken back to a room by 8:45am. The doctor didn't come into the room until 9:55am, we waited over an hour in the room! I was so mad that I think that I may have had smoke coming out of my ears. Josh came with us to the appointment and thought that he would make it to work by at least 10:30am, so he ended up missing the entire morning of work.

Okay, so someone finally came into the room at 9:55am and he wasn't even the doctor! He was one of those doctors in training persons, I am not opposed to these students but it just means that I am going to have to say everything twice and with Will's medical history, that is ALOT to say twice!

So Josh and I go over things with this guy. We have printed out emails from other RTS parents that we had received and a report from Will's occupational and speech therapist as well as the medical guidelines for RTS (we were prepared!). Our main concerns for this visit was that we wanted to make sure that Will's tonsils and adenoids are normal size as to not be restricting his swallowing and to throw around the idea that he may need an antihistamine for post nasal drip (causing the vomiting).

They looked into his ears to check for fluid, which he didn't have. Then they scoped his nose to check the throat area. It was the littlest flashlight on the end of a probe that they put up his nose and took a look around. They numbed his nose so that it didn't hurt while doing it. He didn't like it at all but they got to look around. They noticed that there were parts of his throat that were red and irritated so they are thinking that we need to increase the reflux medications. So we are going to give him three doses a day instead of two. They also said that one of his tonsils was a bit larger than the other.The only other recommendation that they had was to give him bigger volumes of formula in the morning so that there will be less volume for the evening feeding. And they want to see us back in a month.

This is not what I expected to get from this visit. I didn't go to this appointment to get feeding strategies, we get plenty of those. GI can't seem to explain the vomiting, I thought that maybe this doctor could. There was no mention of an antihistamine and they seemed to disregard it when I mentioned it to them for the second time. I questioned the fact that even though he is tube feed we are still working on oral feeding and he can't seem to keep any food in his mouth. Nothing, they just told me to keep trying.

We left the appointment at 11:15am knowing nothing more than what we went in knowing.

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Jessica said...

I hate feeling that way when you leave an appointment, I am going to get an ENT appointment tomorrow, maybe I will complain for you:)