Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Things the Kids are doing

Caroline has been working really hard on her coloring skills and she is doing awesome. Ms. Abby (her teacher) said that she has the best coloring skills of the class! Yesterday she brought me these two pictures that she had colored and I was shocked at how well she did. She was very proud of herself.

Will has been working on stacking. He is stacking his blocks very well. We are using Caroline's Dora blocks because they are bigger and he can handle them easier. He is able to stack three blocks! He is doing awesome and he is super excited when we all cheer for him when he does it.

My babies are growing up. Sigh.


apillers said...

Boy Caroline does do a great job at coloring. Tell her Uncle Ryan said so!! I can't believe how much Will is growing. Time flies way too fast!

Grammy&Papa said...

Caroline and Will are great kids! They have ideal role models. God knew what He was doing when He brought Josh & Myssie together!