Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long Day

Well, he slept through the night, which was great for me!! But today he hasn't been eating really well (nothing new) but with the time change he is totally messed up on his feeding schedule. He is off the schedule by one bottle (by this time of the day we should be on bottle #5 and we are only on #4) He was getting tired so I was going to tube him the rest of bottle #4, which was about 3 ounces. Just finished tubing when he started to vomit, cleaned that up, changed his clothes and thought he was done. Ten minutes later, the mother load of vomit! It was so bad that I just sat him in the kitchen sink. So the entire bottle #4 came out, so he only downed 3 bottles, 12 ounces. Not good! So I have had two showers today and Will has had two baths. My carpet has been shampooed. My floor has been mopped, twice. I am done...for today ;-)

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