Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's going on?

I am not sure what is going on with Will. The night before last he woke up during the night (nothing unusual about that) and I noticed that he had vomitted in his bed. He cried for a bit then went back to sleep after we cleaned him and his bed up. Poor Mr. Cow got most of the mess but was as good as new after a cycle in the washer. Yesterday he acted fine, like normal so I just thought that it was a fluke that he got sick. Just had something that upset his belly. Then last night...he woke up in vomit again! The only difference between last night and the night before is that he would not stop crying. He cried most of the night and there was absolutely nothing Josh or I could do to console him. We tried everything...prevacid, thinking that he was having some reflux. motrin, thinking that he was teething. feeding him, thinking he was hungry. rocking him, thinking please stop crying! Anyway, you get the picture...nothing worked! Finally, we got him to go to sleep but even this morning he is not acting like himself.

I am beginning to think that he is constipated. Which is leading me to believe that the Milk of Mag. is not working. Cindy-what do you do for Natalie's constipation? Speaking of...I hear him grunting right now. Nothing is happening with the grunting, he must have just realized that he can make a new noise, who knows...

But the constipation doesn't explain the vomitting. I am not sure what that is all about. Maybe a bug that only causes you to vomit while sleeping, I don't know. Mr. Cow survived the night with no yucks, he looked relieved this morning!

We are staying home today to regroup from our long night...

(In case you thought that there was a huge cow in my washer and in Will's bed...Mr. Cow is the stuffed animal that Will sleeps with every night. He smiled and giggled yesterday when I gave him Mr. Cow after he had a bath, totally cute!)

Is it okay to pray for poop?

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