Thursday, August 30, 2007

Praying for Poop

So, we have be doing Milk of Mag. and benafiber like crazy all week with only little to show for it. I hope that it starts working soon, Will is miserable. I have tried the glycerian supp. and nothing happened. I don't think that is normal, but seriously nothing happened.

He is also teething. I think that he is working on several teeth. So he has not been too happy about that either. Motrin seems to be helping him with the pain. He can't do anything easily!

We are going to meet Caroline's preschool teacher today. They are having an open house so that the kids can meet their teacher and see their classroom. Her teacher's name is Ms. Abby and Caroline is really excited to meet her. School starts next week!

Keep praying for poop!

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