Friday, July 27, 2007

We are having some issues with sleeping...

Will was awake 4+ times last night. He wakes up only for a few minutes (he eats a little bit) then goes right back to sleep. I have been told to "let him cry it out" and I did that until he was reaching into the 45 minutes to an hour mark. His OT (Ms. Robyn) gave us a CD to play in his room while he is falling asleep and sleeping and it worked wonderfully the first 5 or so nights but I believe that the effects have worn off. We will see Ms. Robyn again next week so I will ask her about it then but in the meantime....I NEED SOME SLEEP!!!! LOL!

I will be leaving town for the weekend (Josh is in charge of the kiddos!) I am going on a Moms only float trip with some of my girlfriends. I am sure that it is going to be pretty funny considering that most of us are not too sure of the canoeing thing! We are all just looking forward to a break and time to regroup and regain some sanity!

Have a great weekend!

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