Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Happenings Around Here

I hope that everyone doesn't think that I have forgotten about them! We are just really busy these days enjoying our summer. And Will is doing great! The rash on his face is looking alot better, we stopped with the green beans. We have concluded that the beans were the problem. After two days of the green beans the rash was worse so we decided to hold off on the green beans for awhile.

We have a new member in the Pillers' family. His name is Madison and he is a bit hairy! LOL we have a dog. The kids LOVE him. Caroline didn't want to go to sleep last night because she was worried about were Madison was going to sleep. Will thinks it is sooo fun to try to catch Madi. Madi has learned that if Will gets too close to walk away. All evening Will was crawling back and forth in the living room trying to catch the dog. Pretty funny, he would get soo close then Madi would walk away. Anyway, we welcome Madison into the family!!

The kids are also sporting new hair dos thanks to Aunt LeLe. I will post a picture of them today so everyone can see Caroline's big girl hair cut and Will looks like a little man with his.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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