Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phone Photo Dump, Hawaii Version

Hello Everyone!

I realize that it has been ages since I have blogged…let’s just say that I am trying to adjust to having 3 kids.  It is a lot different than having two!

I wanted to dump my Iphone pictures that I took while Josh and I were in Hawaii for all of you!  We went to Hawaii in March to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We had a fabulous time and are looking forward to returning.

Here you go!


It was a long flight.  We had a layover in Dallas and then it was 8 hours to Honolulu.


Josh, Caroline and I are big fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter, I know…we are weird.  So the first thing we did was drive by their office.  We also had their address so we went all super stalkers on them and stood in front of their gate and took pictures and waved at their security cameras!


Do you watch Man vs. Food?  We do!  We went to MAC 24/7 and tried their pancakes.  These were the pancakes in the challenge and Josh and I together didn’t finish half…they were HUGE!!


We did some hiking…which I am not a fan of but there were promises of a waterfall at the end so I endured.


(left) along the hike.  (right) the waterfall.  I was like, I walked all this way for that?!?!  I wasn’t impressed.


We also hiked Diamond Head.  I thought I was going to die (I told you I wasn’t a fan of the “hike”).  But the view from the top was pretty impressive.


We flew to Maui for the rest of our trip.  (left) we were on the golf course and (right) was the view from our hotel room.


(left) again, view from our hotel room.  (right) the view from my lounge chair!


(left) view from the golf course (I drove the cart) (right) we visited a lavender farm.


(left) at the lavender farm there were paragliders jumping from the top of the hillside and landed right beside the farm entrance. (right) the view from my lounge chair.


again, the view from my lounge chair!

I took tons of pictures, these were just the ones that I took with my phone.  I hope that you enjoyed them!

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Lora said...

Awesome! Looks like a fabulous trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-)