Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween Recap!

We had a fantastic Halloween!  In years past William has gone to a few houses on our street and was done with trick or treating.  We thought it would be the same this year, so Josh and I had our plan in place.  We would take all three kids to the houses on our street, then Josh would take William and Charlotte back home to hand out candy at our house.  Caroline and I would hit up the subdivision.

Halloween 2011-2-2

This year I wanted William to use his Ipad while trick or treating because it would be good practice…you ask for something (trick or treat), you get something in return (candy) and then you say thank you.  I had him all set up to go.


We went to the first house and I walked him through it.  He did great.  After that he was a man on a candy quest!  William went trick or treating the entire time and was so excited.  Josh took Charlotte home but William stayed with Caroline and I and hit up the subdivision.

I held the ipad for him at each door, but he did the rest.  He said “trick or treat” and “thank you” at each and every door that we went to!

Halloween 2011-8

It was so awesome.  Caroline kept saying “William, you are doing so good!”, which I thought was really cool.  Our neighbors were wonderful too.  Lots of them gave William a “good job”, some gave him an “awww”, some gave him a “wow, that is so cool” and some clapped for him (which he LOVED).

I am proud of my little Brobee!

Halloween 2011-2


Lora said...

That is so, so awesome! The costumes are great too. Glad your family had a fabulous night!

L.Duncan said...

YAY!!!!!! Great job! And how cute is he?! Love the costume!

Tarah Peacock said...

That's awesome! I'm sure he loved it. I love his costume too!