Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To The Bat Cave!

I couldn’t find William, which in never a good thing.  I could hear his Ipad playing Thomas, so I knew that he was close.  I looked in his room, yet I still couldn’t find him.  His closet door was open and all of his toys were on the floor.

William toy box-2

I opened the lid to the toy box and there he was!

William toy box-1

He has really started liking finding dark, close spaces to watch his movies.  I have found him in the dryer, in closets, under his bed, under blankets watching his movies.  Maybe he needs a bat cave!!


Cindy said...

I agree!...but it sounds like be found his own bat cave! Natalie loves to be under the covers on her bed and talk to her dolls...dark and pressure.

Jacqui said...

That is just hilarious and very cute.

Michelle said...

LOL Austin does that too! He finds somewhere dark and plays his ipad.

Shannon Kosub said...

Yikes! The dryer...bet you don't let him get to quiet for to long. Precious family!!!