Monday, July 19, 2010

The St Louis Gateway Arch

Caroline has been asking to go up in the arch for a long time.  We decided it was time to take her and William to the wonderful monument that is right in their backyard.

Riding the tram up to the top…


Can I just tell ya, I am not a fan of the “tram”.  It’s a little car the size of an egg and they cram 5 people in it, with no air flow.  Let’s just say, I was glad to finally get to the top…which takes 4 minutes.

Caroline looking down onto the Mississippi River…


And of course, we had to take a picture of the best place on earth…


William, I believe is afraid of heights…I can’t blame him.  I tried to put him up by a window to look down.  He looked one time then shook his head no when I tried to do it again.  He didn’t want to look.

We stayed at the top for about 20 minutes and then came down.  Caroline thought it was pretty cool.

Hanging out under the arch…


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Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

wow that looks so beautiful!