Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Tale of a Sippy Cup

William loves his sippy cup.  He will only drink his pediasure from his NUK sippy cup.  He will drink juice and water from different cups but he must have his pediasure in the NUK sippy.

sippycup Our insurance has been paying for his pediasure since July of last year, when Josh’s company switched to a different plan.  The insurance started paying for the pediasure and we were grateful…that stuff is expensive!  Before July, we were paying out of pocket for it.

Last week we got a nice letter in the mail explaining to us that our insurance would no longer be paying for the pediasure starting the 15th of May.  They had made a mistake and indeed, pediasure is a non-covered item.  The insurance company said that they do not wish to make us pay for the pediasure that we got the past year because it was their mistake…whew!  ((insert eye roll HERE))

So we have one case of pediasure left.

Of course, Josh and I will buy more if William needs it but we would like to transition his off of the pediasure since he is eating so well and could possibly have his g-tube taken out next month.

I had talked with his GI doctor about this before because we knew if was only a matter of time before our insurance stopped paying for it.  Since we were no longer ordering feeding tube and pump supplies each month it was only a matter of time.  When we talked with the doctor she said that we could put one ounce of Vitamin D milk in with his cup of pediasure and see how he did.  If he tolerated it we could gradually increase the milk and use less pediasure until he was drinking only milk.

I started this process on Monday.  By Tuesday he was having massive diarrhea, I know…TMI.  So I called the doctor and she told me to stop adding the milk, he isn’t tolerating it.  We go to see her next month (to hopefully have the tube removed) and we will decide a plan of action then.  I am thinking that we should try soy milk because I think he has a lactose intolerance.  But we will wait to see what the doctor has to say.

So for now, William will only be drinking pediasure from his sippy cup.


Lora said...

Insurance companies suck!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Sorry they are cutting you off.

Tarah said...

Man, I hate dealing with insurance companies. Sawyer has the same sippy cup, but he isn't interested in it yet.

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Insurance companies...yeah, I have some stories too. And about the sippy cups, my oldest son did not want to give up his bottle by the time he was one. Nor did he want he want to give up formula. So I had to use pediasure in the different flavors. I know how expensive it is! Especially for a kid who is using as there only source of food. Then when he finally started to eat, he didn't want regular milk and we had to buy soy (Silk). Man, I say he was my most EXPENSIVE baby! We never had a break! Now, he eats everything! EVERYTHING! Man...
I know I strayed a little! Sorry;-)
BTW, your babies are too cute!