Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Re-cap of the craziness that was last week

Last week….was just crazy, to say the least!

Josh was out of town, William had a dentist appointment, Caroline had softball practice and a softball game.  It doesn’t sound that crazy but let me explain.

Josh left on Wednesday morning for LA.  Wednesday went on without a hitch.

Thursday, I had to pick William up from school early so that he could make it to his dentist appointment on time.  William had to have two teeth pulled because the Pediasure that he drinks is known to cause tooth decay.  He had to have one of his front teeth and then the tooth right next to it pulled because they were very decayed.  The dentist that the kids go to specializes in Special kids so they were fabulous at trying to make William comfortable with the procedure.  They put him in a big swaddling blanket, did a topical numbing gel, gave him some goofy gas, a shot to numb then pulled the teeth.  The teeth were actually fused together so they came out as one tooth.  The whole thing was done in 3 minutes, no kidding.

While we were still in the office they applied pressure with gauze to make the bleeding stop.  William was ready to leave and kept waving good-bye so I decided that we needed to leave.  His gums were still bleeding but only a small amount.

We got home and lounged around most of the day.  But was continually having to wipe William’s mouth because of blood.  At about 3:45pm I called the dentist back because his gums were still bleeding.  They were bleeding only a small amount but still bleeding.  They had explained to me while I was at the office that it should stop bleeding within a few minutes after the procedure.  I talked with the dentist and he told me to hold a tea bag on his gum for about 15 minutes and the acid in the tea bag should stop the bleeding.  I did that and it stopped bleeding.

Caroline had softball practice so William and I took her to practice.  It was drizzling rain and William’s mouth was drizzling blood so William and I stayed in the van while Caroline practiced.  While we were in the van, William found an old french fry in his car seat and ate it (I know, totally gross) and he crunched down on the fry and his mouth started bleeding again, a lot of blood.  By the time that Caroline was done with softball practice (2.5 hours later!!!) William’s shirt was covered in blood.

During this time, I begin to feel really achy.  My body was just hurting.  I thought for sure that I was getting the flu, though my stomach felt fine.  It just hurt to move.

We got home from softball, had dinner, took baths and got ready for bed.  I did the tea bag thing again and thought that the gum would have time to heal while William was sleeping.  I gave him some Tylenol, Caroline put William’s tooth on his nightstand for the tooth fairy and we put him to bed.  I took some Motrin PM and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up feeling much better.  I walked into William’s room to wake him up for school and found him COVERED in blood.  Blood was all over his bed, all over him and dripping from his mouth.  I began to panic, so I called Josh (who was at LAX catching his flight home).  As I was talking to Josh I began to feel weak, so I hung up on him and then passed out.  Everything was black but I could still hear everything that was going on around me.  I yelled for Caroline, she came in and I told her to get my phone and call Ms. Robyn (our neighbor).  I had to spell Robyn’s name so that she could find the number and she called Robyn and told her that it was an emergency and asked her if she could come down.  Caroline then went downstairs and unlocked the front door to let Robyn in.

Robyn cleaned William up while I got my bearings.  Caroline went down to Robyn’s house and got ready for school and got on the bus with her girls.

I called William’s dentist (at 7:15am) and he told me that he would make us an appointment at an oral surgeon’s office.  By 8:30am William and I were on our way to the oral surgeon’s office.

Josh finally called back and asked what the heck was going on.  I had forgotten to call him and tell him what had happened!!

The oral surgeon packed his gum with dissolvable gauze and know he is fine.

I am so proud of Caroline for remaining calm and following directions to help me.  She was such a brave little girl.

William looks like a hockey player!  I haven’t been able to get a picture of his new smile but honestly it is really hard to tell that he is missing teeth.

Josh and I have noticed a complete change in William since he had his tooth removed.  He is like a different kid.  I am convinced that his tooth was causing him great pain that he was unable to tell us about.  Before having the tooth removed he was very whiny and wanted to be held all of the time, which we thought was because of allergies.  He always had is fingers in his mouth, which we thought was because he was getting his molars.  He was refusing to use his PECS, which we thought he was just being rebellious.  He wasn’t eating really well, which we thought was because he wasn’t feeling well because of the allergies.  We now know that he was doing all of those things because he was in pain.  He has been smiling, giggling, eating, using PECS and playing since having his tooth removed.

I am not sure why I passed out, I have never done that before.  I think it was just the shock of seeing all of the blood and being a little loopy from the Motrin PM I took the night before.

Josh got home that afternoon and everything was back to normal!

Oh, and Caroline’s softball game was rained out on Friday.  So that was one less thing that we had to do!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad you and William are OK! What a crazy time you had! Great job Caroline, very grown up of you!

I hope and pray this week is more calm for you all!

Brandi said...


I just stood in front of my computer screen and gave you a standing ovation for surviving the week! Holy moley, that was a lot to go through. I'm glad it all turned out o.k and everyone survived.

Now, why don't you hop on a plane and fly somewhere nice and warm and take a deserve it :)

Christine said...

Oh My gosh Myssie! What a week! I'm so glad to hear that you and William are okay. I felt myself panicking as i was reading your blog! So glad everyone is okay!
Sean is in L.A right now on business, he left yesterday and won't be home till Friday so I'm hoping my week is uneventful.
Here's to a boring week for you this week and always!!!!

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

wow, i hope that you dont have another week like this!
i agree with Brandi take a break:)

Cindy said...

You get the award, Myssie! I can imagine passing out from the sight of that blood...way to go Caroline!

Lora said...

Wow! What a crazy couple of days you had. I have fainted once before, and it is a very strange feeling. Glad you're feeling better and that William is pain free. Caroline is amazing, such a great girl.

Kelly said...

Girl...what a week!

I am so glad Will is fine now and that you figured out the fussiness. What a big girl Miss Carolina is!

Kelly W.

Kristi said...

I was panicking too all the way to the end. So glad you both are ok. I have never passed out but I'm sure it was scary being alone. Caroline did a great job.

Sawyer said...

So glad everybody is okay! What a crazy weekend. So glad it's behind you.