Friday, February 12, 2010

Blues Winter Carnival

Last night Josh and I took the kids down to the Scottrade Center for the Blues Winter Carnival. The Winter Carnival is an annual event hosted by the Blues for the season ticket holders as sort of a fans appreciation type of thing. This was our first year attending so we didn't really know what to expect.

We had a great time! The kids had a blast. There were bounce houses set up all over the place for the kids, face painting, balloon creatures, jugglers and games. Caroline did it all! At most of the things there was a Blues player helping the kids. So there were several photo opportunities too!
Caroline with Andy McDonald
Caroline with Carlo Colaiacovo
Caroline, Cam Janssen, Josh and William

**side note: Cam Janssen was awesome! He was very friendly and happy to be taking pictures with the fans. He was one of the players that came to the hospital and visited with Will while we were there back in December 2008. Around the holidays each year some of the players go to the local children's hospitals to visit the kids. We met him then and he was just as cool. He is just really awesome with every game there is one fan (that happens to have Down's Syndrome) that stands in the same place on the glass during the warm-up time. Cam goes and slams against the glass right in from of the fan every game. The fan LOVES it! I am sure that Cam is totally making that kid's day by doing that, which makes me like the guy even more!!

Me with Cam Janssen. I love it when Cam is on the ice during a game because you know the gloves will be coming off soon!!

Caroline's favorite player is TJ Oshie. She really wanted to have her picture taken with him but his line was three miles long. She was pretty excited that she got to be "really close" to him anyway! She keeps asking me why her Blues jersey doesn't have a 74 on the back of it like Daddy's (74 is Oshie's number)!

Caroline, Josh and Will sitting on the Blues' bench.

Caroline, Josh and Will in front of the Zamboni machine!

Caroline in the penalty box, she got 5 for fighting! (kidding, only kidding!!)

All of them had to sit in the penalty box.

Caroline trying on some of the hockey gear.

Trying out her slap shot.

We left the house as soon as Caroline got off of the school bus and didn't get home until well after their bedtimes. It was all worth it because the kids had a great time and Josh and I even enjoyed ourselves too!

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Kristi said...

Looks like so much fun. I can't get over how much Will has grown since last year.