Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I must have been good this year!

What did I get?? A Mother's ring...or rings, I should say! I have been looking for a ring that was different and didn't necessary look like the traditional Mother's ring.

A friend told me about Cassandra Erin and showed me the rings that she had made for her. I was in love. I had found my rings!

I told Josh about them and when he asked me in November what I wanted for Christmas I knew right away what I would ask for. I told him that I would take care of ordering the rings so that I would for sure get what I was wanting. :-) I didn't want details lost in translation!

Cassandra hand makes all of her jewelry and every that she makes is stunning! The rings were hand delivered to my door step the Monday before Christmas and they are perfect!

*Click on the photos to get a better look!

Each ring has a small inset stone that is the kid's birthstone. Green for William (August) and Pink for Caroline (October)

And on the underside are the kid's names.

*pardon my wrinkle, dry hands...I need some serious lotion!

I love my rings so much because they are discrete. You really have to look at them to know what they are or what they say. And they are meaningful.

Thank you Josh, Caroline and William!


Alicia said...

Those are awesome!! I Love it! And, I hear you on the wrinkled hands and lotion. Cold weather + excessive hand washing make for some pitifully dry, cracked skin.

Terri H-E said...

Love those - subtle, arty and organic (meaning, opposite of high maintenance!) You deserve it! Ours would be similar if I copied you - green for Addie/August and Ruby Cate/July!

Lora said...

I love them! I also love that they are handmade. The stones are so delicate. Cool.

Tarah said...

Those are beautiful!