Friday, December 11, 2009

St Louis Unionstation

Josh and I spent last weekend in downtown St Louis. On Friday, Josh had his company Christmas party and on Saturday, we went to the SIU/SLU basketball game with friends from college. With all of that going on we decided to stay at the Marriott in Unionstation.

I love this hotel! It is just beautiful. Unionstation was built in the 1890s and during it's prime serviced 100,000 passengers a day!

This photo was taken on the third floor of the hotel looking down into the Headhouse (main hall). They have it decorated for Christmas with a tree and wreaths. Behind the Christmas tree you can see an arch in the architecture (to the left). That is the main entrance to the hotel/unionstation. It is also known as the "whispering wall". A design accident, but really neat! One person stands facing the wall on one side of the arch and another person on the other side. If you talk in a whisper you can hear each other. Josh and I tried it, it really works!

We have never taken the kids to the hotel but I really want to. I think that they would really like it and well, there are trains there so Will would enjoy it too! If you are ever in St Louis and want to stay downtown I highly recommend the Marriott!