Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Chance Meeting

Today Will and I went to the shopping mall while Caroline was at school. I had to find something to wear to Josh's work Christmas party on Friday. Me trying to find something to wear is near impossible, but that is another story for a different day. Anyway...

We went through Sears to catch the elevator down to the lower level. We got on the elevator and someone else got on with us...it was Santa!! For real! He had a long white beard, white hair and a belly that jiggled like a bowl full of jelly. He even had jiggle bells in his pocket, but he had on street clothes, no red suit. Will was intrigued by the bells and he just kept looking at him. Santa said Hi to Will and Will gave him a wave back. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen, Will looking at Santa with wonder in his eyes. As we got off of the elevator Santa told Will to keep being a good boy.

I wish I could know what was going through Will's mind at that moment. It was such a cool thing to have happened to a child that believes in Santa. I am pretty sure Caroline would have peed her pants if she would have been with us.

I have a good feeling about our annual trip to see Santa. It may be the first year that both kids are smiling and not crying!!

When Caroline got home from school and I told her all about it and she was super excited. We have decided that Santa was in Sears shopping for Mrs. Claus' Christmas gift!


Kelly said...

How cool is that! I feel sorry for Mrs. Claus that her gift is coming from Sears...HA


Kristi said...

So sweet. Noah loved Santa last year so I'm hoping all goes well for pictures this year too

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

that is supper cute! Esmeralda has not had one pic. with santa were she smiles so i hope this year is the one.

Kelly said...

I hope Ms Claus isn't getting tools this year! I am glad Will was interested in Santa. Max is freaked out by the site of our 4 ft santa that sings and dances in our basement. He won't even go downstairs. What a cute story! Kelly F