Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caroline Reading

Here is a video of Caroline reading a book from school. The title of the book is Stop! Josh and I are very proud of her, she is doing a really good job at school. We are convinced that she is a genius! ;-)

The video quality is a bit sketchy. The dog was up in my face and at one point you can hear me giggle, that is because the dog put his nose in my armpit and well...I'm ticklish. Then Will enters the picture and stands right in front of the camera because he is giving me a card saying that he wants Fruit Loops.

Without further ado...Caroline reading!!


Alicia said...

Way to go Caroline!! What a great reader you are!

Brandi said...

Outstanding! I'm a reading specialist and I always love to hear kids read out loud. Way to go Caroline. Her reading will really take off from this point!

Lora said...

She's totally a genius! She is doing a great job! Keep it up Caroline!