Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party

Each year Josh's aunt and uncle (Eunice and Don) have a Halloween party for the kids. It is such a great time for both the kids and adults! We look forward to it each year. This year was no exception, the party was fantastic. There was chili, potato soup (which was awesome), hot dogs and lots and lots of fun treats. Aunt Eunice had games like the Frankenstein walk race, Eye balls on a spoon race, the kids had to search for hidden bones and of course the annual parade (the kids parade around the yard so that everyone can see their costume)!
There will be no pictures of Caroline and Will in their costumes, I am keeping that for Saturday!! I know, sneaky!!
Some of the kids.

Will spent most of the party playing on the swing set. He was able to climb up the slide and go down all by himself.
Ruthie was Lady from Lady and the Tramp.
Jan with Barrett the Lion, GOARRR!

Andrea and James. This is the only picture that I have of James that he didn't stick out his tongue!
More pictures of Lilo and The Stitch to come later in the week!!


Kelly said...

Looks like fun! I don't like suspense!! Can't wait to see the kids in their costumes! Kelly F

Kristi said...

Will is such a big boy on the slide. Noah is petrified of slides for some reason. I can't get him to even go down one with me holding him.

Brandi said...

Up and down the slide by himself...that's amazing! I can't wait for that day!

Looking forward to Halloween pics.