Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chili Day

Every year my grandma Forcum has an annual Chili Day. She makes awesome chili. Family and friends go to her house for a bonfire, hot dogs, marshmallows, chili and chatting!

She had a great turnout this year. There were lots of people there and the weather was perfect!

It was hard to take pictures because Josh and I were both trying to run after William. But I managed a few...

Mikkah and his brownie (that he dropped on the ground AT LEAST 5 times!)

Caroline with her Grandpa Chris (my dad). She was chatting him up while he roasted her a hot dog!

Caroline with Aunt LeLe (my sister).

Josh and The Stitch!

Grandma!! No pictures of you! How did I manage to do that??


Christine said...

Yum! I love Chili. looks like you all had fun. The Stitch looks like he was up to something in that last picture!

Brandi said...

You and Kelly have the greatest traditions in your families. Looks like so much fun!