Thursday, August 20, 2009

Will Update

Will had his 3 year well baby exam the other day. It was with his new pediatrician, and it went very well. She spent a hour in the room with us asking questions and finding out what specialist we go and see. She was very thorough in her exam and I like that. They weighed him and got his height. He weighed 29 pounds and 33 inches. When the nurse came back in the room she said "William is in the 29th percentile for weight and the zero percentile for height". HOLD THE PHONE!!! He is on the "typical" chart for weight????? That has never happened before (except for his birth weight). I gave Will a high five! Not vomiting for 5 months has really paid off!

School is going well for Will. He seems to be enjoying it. I now pick him up in the "pick up lane" after school. He teacher walks him to the curb and puts him in his car seat and we are off! I cried the first three mornings putting him on the bus but this morning was different. This morning he went to the aide willingly and smiled and waved to me as they were putting him into his car seat! It made my heart feel better.

Hot off the Presses!

I just got back from picking Will up early from school. I got a call from the school nurse saying "there had been a minor incident". My heart fell to the floor and I kind of lost my breath for a minute. I asked what happened and she said that Will's cast had come part of the way off and she wasn't sure what she should do. I told her that I would come and get him. On my way to the school she phoned again stating that the cast was completely off now. So I called his orthopedist to get him in to get a new cast and they can't get him in until 1pm. I asked what I was to do in the meantime and the nurse said to not let him fall. I laughed out loud at her! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, I can't do that! What am I supposed to do sit him in his highchair for 3 hours!?! Anyway, this office has been making me mad (the doctor I like, the staff is a different story). I believe that we will be looking for a new ortho!

I am not kidding, there is never a dull moment! Will will be sporting a new cast this afternoon.


Kristi said...

Oh Myssie I'm glad that this morning was easier and your heart felt a little lighter. That's great.

Kelly said...

His cast came off! I am glad things are getting better with pick up! I am excited to hear about how things are going at school! He is growing up so fast! Kelly F

Kelly said...

I forgot to mention something. . .29 POUNDS! Kelly F