Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Run Michael Run!!!

Hey ya'll! Have you noticed the fancy little thingamagiggy over to the left? Will's RTS sister, Addie has this amazing Dad that is going to run a marathon again!!!! That's right folks! AGAIN! He ran a marathon last year and raised money for the Special Friends Foundation. SFF helps families of RTSweeties pay for things that insurance doesn't cover. They also provide the food all yummy food that we eat at the reunions each year. Last year Michael exceeded his fundraising goal and is hoping to do the same this year. So please click on the menu button and donate some moola for a fantastic cause!!

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Terri H-E said...

Oooh! It's like opening christmas presents - catching up with my blogfriends and seeing my husband's name, my darlin's photo! So much fun. And thanks for spreading the word about Michael's endeavor.

He and Addie just left for an 8 mile training run - she in the jogging stroller. She LOVES training with pop. And I don't think he minds pushing his pride and joy all up and down the lakefront, either...

Thanks, Myssie!
Terri, Michael, Cate and Addie