Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a quick update

Will has his IV, he is getting pepcid and carafate for his reflux and was sleeping as of 8pm tonight. Josh came home from his business trip to San Diego and made it to the hospital at about 7pm. Since he had his suitcase with a toothbrush and pjs he stayed with Will tonight and Caroline and I came home. I will be taking Caroline to school and after I pick her up from school and head to the hospital to check on my boys.

Will has been going through this cycle of being well for a month, two months then all of a sudden vomiting everything for days. This last occurred in December, but has really been occurring since the beginning. The vomiting started this time on Saturday night, during the night he threw up in his bed. Then woke up twice Sunday night after vomitting. Monday he threw up all three of his tube feedings but was keeping down what he drank by mouth but didn't drink that much. On Tuesday he threw up once in the car, all liquids that he took by mouth and all tube feedings. On Wednesday he threw up twice in the car (once taking Caroline to school and once picking her up) before going to our noon appointment with GI. He has lost over a pound and was becoming dehydrated. They did blood work and a urine culture to check for anything abnormal.

Today when the doctor told me that she wanted to keep him, I cried. I cried and told her that I am soooo done with vomit, I just want it to stop (as I am sure that Will does too). Hopefully, there will be some answers in the morning.

The doctor said today that she would be in to see him before 8am so Josh should know something in the morning.


Christine said...

Aahhh Myssie... I had no idea Will was so sick. This is the first time I've logged in in a while. I had no idea. I will continue to pray for Will and your family. I hope you go home soon.
Miss you ...



Kelly said...

Thinking of you. I hope you get to come home today with a well boy!

Kelly W.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

hoping for answers today! Thinking of you!!!!