Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures of the place.

I thought that I would show you around our new place. This is were we will be living until we find a house that we want to buy. We could be here for another month or another six months, who knows.

Our living room/Caroline's bedroom.

Our bedroom.

The dining room with all of Will's feeding gear.
I am standing at the couch looking over at the office/play area/Will's bed/Will's TV watching area.

Another view of the play area/Will's bedroom.

I am standing in our bedroom and took this picture of the kitchen.

The other side of the kitchen.

The devil.
Notice that the devil is missing the knobs, that is because Will can reach them and turn it on!!
My only saving grace.
That is it, home sweet home!


shawnery said...

What a quaint living space. You are stronger than I would be. :) Heeey at least it does have a room with a door, well 2 if you count the bathroom.;_

Brandi said...

I must say, I chuckled at the pics of your new pad. I chuckle because I don't think I could do what you are doing. You must have a lot of patience!

I love what you have named your stove, it fits perfectly.

Christine said...

You are so funny my friend. It's cozy that's for sure. I hope you find a new home soon.


Kelly said...

Ahh! Home Sweet Home! I like Caroline's room!! Hope you find a house soon. Kelly F

Lora said...

I laughed out loud when I read "the devil." Hopefully you'll be out of there sooner rather than later.

Kelly said...

Loved the tour. We should all do this. It is fun to see where people live...even though yours is just temporary (I hope...very temporary)

Kelly W.