Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not so wordless

Sorry, I have no wordless Wednesday today! But I feel that I have lots to tell you...

  • We sold our house!! We close on the 22nd of April, only a few short weeks away. Josh and I were not prepared at all, we had no place lined up to move to. We have since found a place in St. Peters to rent but there is a kicker. The house isn't going to be ready until June 1st, 6 long weeks after our closing date. We have decided to stay at an Extended Stay America (sort of a long stay hotel) until the house is available. It sounds crazy, and it probably is but Josh, the kids, Buster and I will be living it up at the hotel for 6 weeks. The good thing is, if we get there and decide that we can't handle the close quarters, Josh's brother and his wife have so nicely offered to put us up for as long as we need.

  • Why are we doing this and not just finding another house to rent? Because we only want to sign a 6 month lease, so that if a house comes on the market that we love, we can jump on it and not worry about being stuck in a year long lease. The folks renting the house in St Peters to us have been very nice in helping us out and working with us to only have to sign a 6 month lease.

  • I have started packing, what a nightmare!! I hate packing! I have too much junk...any body want to buy some junk...I got some for sale!!!

  • Will has been refluxing majorly bad the past few days. So with major reflux, we get major vomit. He hasn't been able to eat anything for 2 days, I have been giving him water and pedilyte, which he is tolerating alright. We have an appointment with GI today. I am worried that all of this bad refluxing lately could cause damage. We don't want that. I have been giving him his reflux medicine, but he has been throwing it up too. I know that he doesn't have the flu, he has no flu symptoms and acts perfectly fine when not refluxing. My mom asked me a question the other day when I told her about this, she asked how do I know if he is refluxing. I know because I can see him. He will hiccup and then swallow really hard. Most of the time when he gets the hiccups I take him to the sink because I know that the vomit is soon to follow. I hope that the doctor has some answers today.

  • Caroline is excited about moving to a new house. We haven't told her yet that her friends aren't moving with us. I am sure that she will be fine, but I am sure that she will be sad. We haven't decided what we are going to do regarding Caroline attending preschool until the end of the school year. We close on the house on the 22nd of April, the last day of school in the 21st of May. She only goes three days a week so I am not sure if I will drive her back and forth to school for that time or not. They have grandparents day and graduation within that month, both of which Caroline is really looking forward to. We are still talking about it all, haven't yet decided.

  • The other day Will waved and said bye, bye at the same time!! That was the first time he had ever said and word and signed it at the same time. I think that this was a huge milestone!!

We have been super busy and things are only going to get busier. I will be happy when we are all settled into our new home in St. Peters!!

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Kristi said...

Wow you do have a lot going on. Congrats on selling your house. Moving sucks. We are in the process of moving also. Not fun when you are 7 months preggo.