Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mommy and Me Night 2009

When we arrived school I dropped Caroline off in her classroom and I went upstairs to the Chapel. All of the kids came up together with their class. When the kids entered the Chapel they were all waving and saying Hi Mom! It was so cute to see all of the kids so excited about singing their songs for all of the Mommas.
They sang several songs. Some of the songs they signed too.
After the kids sang their songs we went back to the classroom and did a craft together. We made a handprint flower with a little poem with it. After craft time we went and had a snack.
During our snack I was able to talk with Caroline's friend Savanna's Mom. The girls have so much fun together, we are planning another playdate soon.
As we were putting on our coats, Caroline wanted a picture of her and Mrs. Cathy, her teacher. She really enjoys being in Mrs. Cathy's class and I really think that Mrs. Cathy is preparing them for Kindergarten.

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Kelly said...

How fun! She looks like she has grown since this summer. Kelly F