Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sid and Mala Tools

Caroline LOVES this show on PBS in the afternoons. I think it is pretty cute too. There is a song that Sid and his Mom sing on the way to school, it goes "I love my Mom, my Mom is cool. But now it's time for having fun at school!" Caroline and I sing it on the way to school every morning.

Today Caroline came down stairs for supper and I asked her what Sid was about today. She told me that it was about sound and sound waves. Cool. She told me that sound travels in waves and that is how it goes into our ears so that we can hear it. Very cool.

Then she told me about another Sid show that she had seen a few days ago. She told me that when we smell something the "mala tools" go into your nose and you smell them but you can't see, taste or hear "mala tools". Only smell.

I gave her a funny look, I am sure. I had no idea what "mala tools" where. Mala tools, mala tools....ahhhhh, molecules!! I love her!!

But I am so impressed by this show!! I mean molecules at 5 years old!! I love it! And she has learned other stuff as well. Like charts, nutrition, exercise, senses, estimation and inventions. Kids usually don't like science in school but maybe this show will help kids to realize that science is COOL!!


Mama G said...

My kiddos love this show too! Gracie was telling us all about decomposing...wow! It's a great show..who knew T.V. could be good for our kids!?!?!

Michelle said...

Andrew watches that show as well and LOVES Sid. He's named his talking calculator 'Sid' as well. Guess the voices sound the same, who knows. =) Andrew picks up all kinds of phrases from that show. He'll come up to me and say "What's the big idea?" as in "what's the big idea with my brown banana?" LOL

Marissa said...

The funny things kids say, too hilarious.

My dad is a retired minister and there is a hymn called Lead On O King Eternal. He was teaching it to a group of 5 year olds one time and one of them was singing Lead On O Kinky Turtle!!

Thanks for the laugh!