Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This morning Will put Mr. Cow into the dog's water bowl, again. Mr. Cow got a bath. During Will's nap he threw up, all over Mr. Cow. Mr. Cow got a bath. No more than two minutes after getting Mr. Cow out of the dryer for the second time today, Will decided to put Mr. Cow in the toilet. Mr. Cow got a bath.

So let's review...

Dog bowl...bath.
Dog bowl, again...bath.

That's right folks, Mr. Cow has been in the washing machine 4 times with in the past 24 hours. Poor Mr. Cow.
I can only laugh at this point.


Cindy said...

Good thing you have two of them!

Mama G said...

I think you need to stock up on Mr.Cow's...have like 20 of them!! :)

Kelly said...

Will is so stinkin' cute!

Michelle said...

Haha, that's too funny! Not on Mr. Cow's part, but still funny. I thank God Andrew isn't into throwing things into strange places! Today was the first time he's ever done anything goofy like that. He threw his plastic bat in the are such joy aren't they? LOL