Friday, November 7, 2008

Ranch Dressing

Will's new found love, ranch dressing!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!!


Kelly said...

mmmmmm. . . he likes the condiments!!

Kristi said...

Yummy Will I love ranch dressing too..

Terri H-E said...

I love the little film strip! Boy, he looks like Caroline in that last one.
Addie would like to serve him her favorite meal one day: a plate with ranch dressing, sour cream, plain yogurt and guacamole. Whipped Cream for dessert. (No, we have never actually served her all of these at once, but it's what she'd pick for dinner if we'd let her).
Maybe some salad under that dressing one day, Will? One thing a time, right.

Marissa said...

Hi Myssie,

My name is Alicia and you commented on my daughter Marissa's blog way back in Aug when I posted we thought she might have RTS. ( I wanted to thank you for your kind words but have never gotten around to commenting back to you until now. I have been checking on your family for quite a while, even before you commented on my blog.

I think your family is so precious. Will is just about the cutest little guy on the planet! And Caroline... what a little lady!

Just wanted to say hi and even if Marissa never gets the RTS diagnosis, I love following all of these kiddos. They are so great!