Monday, October 27, 2008

Colds and Cows

I took Will to the doctor today. He has a very bad cold. He is coughing like mad and has a runny nose. He is having trouble eating and sleeping. Eating because he can't breathe through his nose so he is unable to drink from his cup. He is gagging on his mucus so when we tube feed him he will gag and vomit. He is not sleeping because of the breathing issues and the drainage. The doctor head some wheezing on one side so she wanted us to get a chest x-ray. We went to Cardinal Glennon and had the x-ray. The x-ray was normal, no pneumonia (praise the Lord).

We are doing breathing treatments and a decongestant. I pray that it gets better soon.

On the way out of the hospital I stopped in the gift shop. I have been on the look out for a back up Mr. Cow for some time now with no luck. The thing is looking pretty nasty and it is not going to last through too many more washes so I wanted to have a back up just in case.

I told Caroline that I doubted that they would have one but we would take a look. We walked in and looked around, Caroline spotted it! There he was, a brand new Mr. Cow! I took it to the counter to pay for it and laughed as I paid for it. I told the lady working why we were buying it and showed her our Mr. Cow and she thought it was so funny.
It is pretty funny how different the new one looks compared to the old one. You can definitely tell where Will's favorite spots are!!
I am so glad that I found it today!!!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so glad his lungs are clear!!!! I hate germs, and sickness. Hope he feels better soon, and stops throwing up even sooner!

Cindy said...

We're praying he's better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the duplicate cow! We have an extra Froggy for Walter too. I hope he feels better fast!


Michelle said...

I love it! Now, the real question is, will Will accept the "new" cow? I did the same thing for Andrew and his bean bag Elmo stuffy. Luckily, he doesn't get too attached to stuffies and blankets so he didn't care.

Kristi said...

yeah a clean brand new Mr sorry Will is sick. Hope he feels better soon.. Sleep study looked miserable.. So sorry

Kerri H said...

When I saw this I laughed because it reminded me of Logie and his monkey...I can't get him to accept his new monkey though...(this monkey goes everwhere including to school with him in the backpack, but they don't get it out-just in case) I'm sure Will will notice the difference! By the way..Logan has a friend at school named Will!!!