Friday, September 26, 2008

No more...


Will has been bottle free for 4 days. Woo Hoo! I am so happy to be done with washing bottles!! We decided to drop it cold turkey. The first day was rough but he has been steadily getting better with each day. I am having to tube feed him more but I think that once he gets the hang of it I will be able to taper off. We decided to go cold turkey because Will has the ability to drink out of a sippy he just refused. He would drink apple juice out of a sippy with no issues but if I would put his milk in a sippy he would not drink it. It was a complete behavioral issue.

Since we have stopped the bottle, I have realized just how much of a comfort thing it was for him. I mean seriously, how many months upon months was I cramming a bottle in the poor child's face in order to get him to eat. Anytime he would whimper I would get his bottle for him. My mind was stuck in the "I have got to get his 24 ounces in him today", so every 2 minutes I was giving it to him. Poor kid.

So now we are past that. He is a big boy with a sippy cup! Way to go Will!!
So I know that you can't see the sippy in this picture but I thought he looked so cute in his overalls!


Cindy said...

Whoo hooo! That's great news! We also did cold turkey with Natalie's pacifier a few months ago, and after 8-10 days, she was fine (but those 8-10 days were really hard!)

Back then, I couldn't imagine not putting a pacy in her mouth to calm her or keep her quiet. Now she's learning other ways to calm herself...but I haven't found a way to keep her quiet!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Great news! Of course its been easy for us since Alex could care less about thebottle or cup, we give Alex his sippy cup, he plays with it, chews on it, but doesnt really drink from it. I know it will come (I think).
He looks adorable in those overalls

Kristi said...

That's great Will. Good job. Noah did the same thing with milk in his sippy cup but eventually he realized he wasn't getting his bottle so he drank it. I had to take the little gadget thing out of the sippy cup to teach him. But hes a pro now.. Will looks so cute in his overalls.

Bill said...

You gotta do nothing but love a guy in overalls!!!