Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Softball game

Last night the kids and I drove over to St. Peters to watch Josh play in a softball game. He and his office buddies formed a team and are playing in a slow pitch softball league. They played a double-header against the same team. They lost both games but they gave it a valiant effort.
Josh's team is called the "Fat Daddies"! Is that hysterical or what!? They even have t-shirts and all!
This is what the kids did during the games...played in the dirt. They were both little piggies when we left.
It was good to see all of the Stauder family at the game. Josh and I feel so blessed that he was given the opportunity to work at Stauder. Jerry and Angie (the owners of the company) are such wonderful people. It feels like everyone that works there is our extended family. Josh could not have found a better place to work.
Josh was able to get out of bed this morning but very slowly. I think that he may need to do some more stretching before the next game so that he doesn't really hurt himself. As long as he doesn't try to pull a Jim Edmonds type of catch in centerfield then he should be good. (grin)

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