Friday, July 25, 2008


is that a word?? Hmmm, not sure, but it is my word. Anyway, here are some random things that I have for ya today.

First thing...My Husband is coming home today!!!! Praise the Lord! He will be home just in time to put the kids to bed. Caroline has already said several times today, "Daddy will be home today!"

Second thing...Today I was running erronds, it wasn't unbearable hot yet so I had the windows rolled down and the music turned up. I was singing and sorta dancing in my seat (don't judge, you know you do it too!!) I turned around to check out what Will was doing and he was dancing in his car seat and trying to sing along too (babbling and cooing). The boy was grooving to "Pink Houses" by John Mellencamp, that's my Boy!

Here is another random thing you may not know, I have actually met John Mellencamp. When we lived in Bloomington, IN (that is where John and his Almay model wife, Elaine live with their two boys, Hud and Spek) I was at work and he came into the office that I was working at. I said Hello, he said Hello, he bought something and I touched his credit card!!! I almost peed my pants and he probably thought I was a complete Dork because my face was bright red and I was fighting back that "Holy Crap, is this really happening to me" smile.

Anywho, Will has been trying to shake his goove thang for about a week or so. He bends his knees and bounces, arms out for balance and his head is down (he is looking at his feet). It is pretty cute to watch, I am trying to get it on video but I never really get the grooving part. I'll try, I promise! But in the car he was kicking his feet and wiggling around in his seat. Too cute!

Third thing....Josh is coming home today! Oh, sorry I already told you that!

Fourth thing...I had to go to Aldi's today. I didn't have cash (which I normally carry) so I was going to use my debit card, until I realized that I couldn't remember my pin number. I never use the darn thing and if I do I just have them run it as a credit card. Well, Aldi's doesn't do credit cards so I had to abandon cart and go to the bank and get cash. Grrrr...and remember that Will was with me and he has now learned that he can stand up in the cart and the cart that I had to pay my quarter for didn't have the seat belt thing, so I had to hold Will while I put my groceries on the belt and paid for them. Trying to hold him is like trying to hold a greased pig. It was not fun.

Fifth thing...sorry, that is all I got.


Michelle said...

ok no more complaining from me having both Austin and Andrew at the store with me. I can say I have never had to hold Andrew WHILE I put groceries on the belt. Wow...super woman! LOL

Tena said...

Ok where has Josh been? That stinks!! I want to see Will groove. I always wish I could have seen your beet-red face and peed-in pants.

Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up. I am laughing out loud about you in Aldi's trying to remember your pin number. What has Dave Ramsey done to us!!! Love ya.

Mama G said...

You are too funny! I love all your randomness! And i'm so happy that Josh is back now! Yay!!! You've got to get a video of Will dancing, that is the cutetest, and wow i can't believe you met John! I love reading your blog, you put a smile on my face! Oh and I went into Aldi's for the first time a few months ago and didn't realize they don't have bags, well they did, but you had to pay for them, so i just took took my groceries and threw them in my trunk, no bags or nothing...guess that counts for "going green" right? :)