Friday, July 11, 2008

Our last day

in Destin we spent by the pool. We wanted to get one last day of relaxing before we all piled into the van for our 13 hour drive home tomorrow.

Caroline had fun jumping into the pool. It was only 3 foot deep so she never went under (right up her alley) and it was fun to see all of the faces that she made while jumping.

Will had fun in the water too. He is a little water bug.

After swimming we went out. We had promised Caroline that she could pick out a suvinior so we went to one of the stores, you know the kind, every thing under the sun that a tourist would want. And she picked out....A hermit crab! Good gravy! She named him, Hermie.

After we (she) decided on the crab, we went for some dinner. We were told of a place that had the best seafood in town and they weren't joking! The food was great, the place was called the Dewey Destin. It did not disappoint. It looked like a complete dive but once I ate a shrimp I really didn't care that I was sitting at a picnic table! If you go to Destin, you have got to check this place out!


Anonymous said...

Caroline looks like she had a blast. I love her facial expressions!! Glad everyone had such a great time.

Kelly said...

CANNONBALL!! Great pics! Love the facial expressions!!

Mama G said...

What little swimmers you have! Will really likes the water huh? Looks like you guys had a blast, and i'm glad the car ride wasn't too bad.