Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marcea's graduation party

On Saturday, we celebrated my sister, Marcea's graduation with a party. It was a really nice party and I believe that everyone had a great time. Here are some pictures from the occassion...

Mikkah Joseph, hamming it up! I would take a picture of him then he would come running over to me and say "me see! me see!" That is also how he says my name but he wanted to see the picture that I had just taken on the back of my camera. Ham bone!

Will really liked the fruit punch. He didn't let any come out of his mouth. He had lots of practice with an open cup!

From Left to Right: Tyler (Marcea's boyfriend), Marcea (what does she think this is, Project Runway or something??), Mike (my step-dad), Linda (my Mom), Caroline, Josh, Me, William, Mikkah (my nephew), Leslie, and Aaron (Leslie's boyfriend).

Me and my sisters.

From Left to Right: Me, Caroline, Josh, William, Phyllis (my grandma), Marcea, Mikkah, Chris (my dad), Leslie, Lauren (my sister), Vicki (my step-mom), Christopher (my brother), and Aaron (Leslie's boyfriend).

There was a band that played at the party. Marcea and Tyler shaking their thing.

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Anonymous said...

Project Runway?? I was thinking more like America's Next Top Model!!


Can't wait to see you guys at Will's big birthday bash :)