Monday, June 16, 2008

It is amazing to me...

to see other babies sit so nicely in their strollers.

Today my Moms Club group held a day "camp" for our kiddos. I volunteered to host today's camp so I was in charge of everything and running the camp. It was exhausting, but the kids had a great time.

Caroline was participating in the camp and I was having to man the camp (plus corral 8 other kids!) and keep William in line. God Lord, let me tell you...

I was trying to explain the Olympic Games to a bunch of 4 year olds (hello, not easy) with Will climbing my pant leg. Then I was showing them the craft project that we were going to be doing. Making the Olympic rings with modeling clay and Will destroyed it. Then we were having tricycle races, picture it 9 kids on 9 tricycles in an open hockey rink, Good Night!! Now picture me trying to herd them in while toting my hip tumor (Will). The other Moms offered to take Will from me to help me out, but he was not having any of that business!

Now, I am doing this while two other little kiddos sat so nicely in their strollers while their Mommies helped their sibling participate in the camp. One sat and chewed on his foot, the other talked to himself. Neither of them threw major fits or tried to wiggle out of their stroller. Two sweet little boys sitting in their strollers, having a good ol' time.

Then there is The Stitch. Stitch just will not sit still for that long! No, let me re-phrase that...Stitch just will not sit still!

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Anonymous said...

Oh myssie, I totally get this. Not so much with the sitting still, but with many other things. We just have to stop comparing our kids to other kids, and revel in the chaos! Miss you,