Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Grief!

I can not believe some people. Today Caroline had dance class, which she completely loves. I signed Caroline up for ballet classes because I wanted her to not only learn the art of ballet but to also learn to follow directions, listen to elders, be polite, etc. Is this too much to ask? I would think not, but it seems that other parents do not have the same goals as I.

There are eight little girls in her class. Today's class was completely out of control. It was ridiculous. I can not believe that parents would allow their children to behave in the manor in public or a ballet class nonetheless. Ballet is intended to be a graceful, beautiful, gentle art but there were children acting like rabid monsters. A few of them stopped short of their head spinning around but it would not have surprised me.

There were girls yelling, getting into each others faces, giggling, talking, fighting and not listening, "she is touching me", "she kicked me", "Ms. Tomi, tell her to stop looking at me" and on and on. The thing is, their parents were right there! Why did they not get their child under control? Why did they allow their child to completely disrespect Ms. Tomi (Caroline's Ballet teacher)?

Every time we go to the studio for class, I tell Caroline "you must listen to Ms. Tomi, you must act like a ballerina and you must use your ballerina voice". And if Caroline starts to act up during class, she gets the "you remember what I told you" look and she straightens up. It is that easy folks!! But then she looks at me with the "but why can they act like complete brats and I can't?" look. Hello!! Stupid parents, you are making my job real tough here!!!

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